Claim: The macaw species from the \u201cRio\u201d movies has been declared extinct in the wild. The announcement was made this week, based on the statistical analysis by BirdLife International. Author Tony Juniper even penned a book called "Spix's Macaw: The Race to Save the World's Rarest Bird", in an attempt to make people aware of the situation in 2002. The last-known wild Blue Macaw disappeared at the end of the year 2000. Scientists say the bird made famous by the movie Rio is extinct. BirdLife International estimates that between 60 and 80 birds of this species are living in captivity, so they are not yet considered completely extinct. The species of blue macaw parrot portrayed in the animated movie Rio has been officially classified as 'extinct in the wild'. If you saw the movie Rio, you’ll remember the main characters, Blu and Jewel.. Spix's macaw, a bright blue species of Brazilian parrot that starred in the children's animation film Rio, has become extinct in the wild. In the past decade, eight bird species have been confirmed as extinct or close to extinction, including one featured in the children's film Rio.. In Rio, a blue macaw (known as a Spix’s Macaw) named Blu voiced by Jesse Eisenberg flies from the U.S. to Rio de Janeiro because that’s where the last female macaw lives.Hijinks ensue, but Blu eventually romances Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathaway) and the movie ends with the Spix’s Macaw population flourishing once more. Among them also the blue parrot, so well known from the movie ‘Rio.’ Pleas from the high-spirited film, Rio, for humans to care about the Spix’s macaw may have come too late. Other than the blue macaw, 7 other bird species have been declared extinct. One species, the Spix's Macaw, was featured in the 2011 animated film “Rio,” which tells the story of a captive Spix Macaw mating with the last known wild member of its species. Rio's story is based on the predicament of one of these, Spix's Macaw. It joins seven other bird species declared extinct by … A new study by BirdLife International revealed that at least eight bird species have disappeared in the last years.

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